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UM President Comments on Travel Ban Controversy

We wanted to make sure all faculty were aware of the University of Montana’s current position on the executive order signed by President Trump that imposes restrictions on multiple groups of refugees and travelers.

On January 30th, President Sheila Stearns sent a memo to all faculty and staff outlining the university’s position. It included a statement made by the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities and reads in part:

Our nation’s universities are enriched and strengthened by the talent, insight, and culture that international students, faculty, researchers, and staff bring. With appropriate and effective vetting, international students from all countries and of all religions have long been a core part of our campus communities and that should continue uninterrupted. We are also concerned that this decision adds great uncertainty to international students, researchers, and others who might consider coming to our campuses.

The hardship is now clear and, as a matter of fairness and in accord with the values of this nation, the decision that bans these current visa and green card holders from returning for 90 days should be promptly reconsidered.

President Stearns said this statement “reflects the University of Montana’s position and my immediate thoughts on this matter as well.”

The full statement can be found on the president’s website.

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