If your department is not represented here, we encourage you to contact us for your seat at the table.

Department     Email
Accounting and Finance      
Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Mark Pershouse mark.pershouse@umontana.edu
Chemistry Nigel Priestley nigel.priestley@umontana.edu
Communicative Sciences and Disorders Amy Glaspey amy.glaspey@umontana.edu
Communication Studies Heather Voorhees heather.voorhees@mso.umt.edu
Computer Science Doug Brinkeroff doug.brinkeroff@mso.umt.edu
Counselor Education Emily Sallee emily.sallee@mso.umt.edu
Economics Amanda Dawsey amanda.dawsey@mso.umt.edu
Ecosystems and Conservation Science Cory Cleveland cory.cleveland@umontana.edu
Education Leadership      
English Robert Baker robert.baker@mso.umt.edu
Environmental Studies Paul Guernsey paul.guernsey@mso.umt.edu
Forest Management      
Geosciences Marc Hendrix marc.hendrix@umontana.edu
Health and Human Performance John Quindry john.quindry@mso.umt.edu
History Nathaniel Levtow nathaniel.levtow@mso.umt.edu
Journalism Jeremy Lurgio jeremy.lurgio@umontana.edu
Library Erin Baucom erin.baucom@mso.umt.edu
Management and Marketing      
Management Information Systems      
Mathematics Cory  Palmer cory.palmer@umontana.edu
Media Arts Michael Cassens michael.cassens@mso.umt.edu
Modern/Classical Languages and Literature      
Music James Randall james.randall@umontana.edu
Native American Studies Neyooxet Greymorning neyooxet.greymorning@mso.umt.edu
Pharmacy Practice Sherill Brown sherill.brown@umontana.edu
Philosophy Ari Duwell armond.duwell@umontana.edu
Physical Therapy James Laskin james.laskin@umontana.edu
Physics and Astronomy      
Political Science Paul Haber paul.haber@umontana.edu
Public and Community Health Jennifer Bell jennifer.bell@mso.umt.edu
Psychology Allen Szalda-Petree allen.szalda-petree@mso.umt.edu
Social Work Ashley Trautman ashley.trautman@mso.umt.edu
Sociology Daisy Rooks daisy.rooks@mso.umt.edu
Speech, Language, Hearing and Occupational Sciences Amy Glaspey amy.glaspey@mso.umt.edu
Theatre and Dance      
Teaching and Learning      
Photography Matt Hammon matt.hammon@mso.umt.edu
Practice and Performance