The UFA FAST Fund is open during the fall and spring semesters at UM and Missoula College. We are closed during the summer and winter breaks.

If you are in immediate need of renter assistance (e.g. you are at risk of being evicted or need to negotiate with your landlord) contact ASUM Legal Services at 406-243-6213. For all other housing and food insecurity needs, contact Bear Necessities.

If you are in need of emergency financial support and the UFA FAST Fund is closed, please also contact Bear Necessities

This fund is intended to provide emergency support to students. As the non-profit organization that created the FAST fund concept explains, “Just like your parents helped you pay that last-minute bill, or your friends spotted you cash when you were short, we help college students who have nowhere else to turn.”

Funding PrioritiesIneligible Expenses Include
Internet access
Child care
Books and school supplies
UM Tuition and fees

Criteria for awards

In order to receive an award from this fund, applicants must

  • be currently enrolled at the University of Montana OR Missoula College, and
  • need emergency assistance.

Additional information

How much money does the UFA FAST Fund award per student?

Awards are typically between $100 and $300.

How does the UFA FAST Fund define “emergency assistance”?

We define it as a one-time need (i.e. not recurring) that can either be solved with a $100-$300 award, or that an award of that size can make a big dent in. The UFA FAST Fund is not designed to resolve ongoing needs or situations that require hundreds or thousands of dollars to rectify.

Will an award from the UFA FAST Fund count against my financial aid?

No. This fund is run independently by the UFA. The faculty union created this fund to aid students with emergent need and its awards will not show up on your University account. The award comes directly to you from a non-profit fund.

Is there a GPA requirement to receive help from the UFA FAST Fund?

No. The fund exists to help students navigate difficulty and stay enrolled, regardless of their grades.

How confidential is my application? Who will read it?

The information in your application will not be shared outside of the UFA FAST Fund committee. The committee, which is comprised of a few faculty and one staff person, will review all applications to determine whether they meet the criteria for awards. Decisions about awards will also be based on the availability of funds.

How do I apply?

Fill out the application below or click on this link to fill it out in a new tab.