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Student Fund Seeks Support from Current, Retired Faculty

Although the newly minted FAST Fund at the University of Montana is getting attention for helping students during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the fund is intended to be an ongoing source of financial help to students.

The fund will continue past the current crisis and is intended to help students at UM and Missoula College struggling with food insecurity, housing needs and transportation issues.

Research has shown that these real-world issues are often the ones that make it difficult or impossible for students to focus on their academic lives and the FAST Fund at UM aims to help them.

Although the initial fund received aid from the Montana Federation of Public Employees, the Presidents Office and the Believe in Students Foundation, its future relies on you.

We hope current and retired faculty will contribute to the FAST Fund so that students in the future have a place where they can turn to address a pressing financial need.

We encourage current and former faculty to consider making a tax-deductible donation to the UFA FAST fund by visiting our Givebutter site. 

If you’d prefer to write a check for the UFA Fast Fund, email us at and we’ll tell you how!

With other questions about the fund, or for additional information about the best ways to support the fund, please email us at

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