The UFA FAST Fund has received generous support from Believe in Students, the UFA, the Montana Federation of Professional Employees, the UM President’s office, and current and retired members of the UM community.

Since opening in April 2020, the UFA FAST fund has given out $35,590 in $100-$300 awards to 123 UM and Missoula College students. In the first 21 days that the fund was open in 2020, we received 280 requests for funding from students.


The Straw that Broke the #RealCollege Student’s Back

“Although I concede that everyone’s life is unique, those who know me well would agree that my upbringing was a little extraordinary…”

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UFA Launches New Fund to Support Students Experiencing Emergent Need (2020)

FAST Fund at UM text on a dark background

“Professors often hear about students struggling with a lost job or broken down car or eviction, and having heard so many of these stories, we knew we needed to act,” said UFA President Megan Stark.

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