The University Faculty Association (UFA) recognizes that there are UM students who struggle with access to basic necessities. On top of day-to-day difficulties, a sudden or unexpected event may increase these challenges to the point that a student is faced with choosing between meeting basic needs and completing a course, a semester, or ultimately a program.

In an effort to respond to this common reality, the UFA established the Faculty and Students Together (FAST) Fund which delivers emergency funds quickly and directly to students facing these unexpected challenges. The goal is to reach students who, without this direct aid, would be forced to interrupt their academic progress. While our institution works to address the systemic factors that create financial insecurity for so many of our students, the UFA FAST Fund will support students experiencing emergent financial need.

How to apply for an award

To learn more and apply, visit the ‘for students’ page.

How to contribute

In order to keep the fund going, we encourage current and former faculty to consider making a tax-deductible donation to the UFA FAST Fund by visiting our Givebutter site or using the form below.


If you want to know more about the fund or the best ways to support it, please email