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Revitalized Rep Council to Get CBA Primer

The UFA has kicked off an initiative to reinvigorate the Unit Rep Council. The Council is composed of representatives from all university programs and units. Our current number is close to 40. The primary role of the Council is to give us a meaningful venue in which to exchange views and information.Council members are responsible for bringing information from the UFA Board to our members at the department and program level and bringing the views of those same units back to the Board in a detailed and substantive manner. The Council can also function as a deliberative body, in the sense that we can use it to have substantive conversations, including debates, about important workplace issues that concern us.

In this time of challenging changes, we have concluded that it is important that our members have a working understanding of key provisions in our Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). We have planned a CBA training for all Unit Reps for Thursday, April 6 from 4-5:30pm in UC 331. We look forward to answering your questions and discussing the CBA in more detail.

Please connect with your Unit Rep if you have questions. (If your unit doesn’t yet have a rep or you don’t know who is serving in this role for your unit, please contact Darla Carothers.) Non-reps are, of course, welcome to attend.

The decision has been made to move forward with a budget task force composed of faculty, staff, students, and administrators. President Stearns emailed the campus details this afternoon–please read that message. The Faculty Senate and the UFA have each been asked to nominate three people. As presently conceptualized, the committee will begin to meet in April and work through the summer, with the intention of having something to present to the campus community when it returns to school in the fall. The UFA is committed to updating our members during the process. We will have more details at our General Meeting on April 4–please plan to attend!

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