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The UFA has been the collective bargaining agent for The University of Montana faculty since 1978.  An Executive Board elected from the membership governs the UFA.  Our meetings are open to anyone in the bargaining unit (see Draft UFA Executive Board Meetings Policy under the Important Documents Page) and copies of the notes of meetings may be obtained from the UFA office.

 We negotiate with the representatives of the Board of Regents regarding compensation and working conditions.

 We help faculty members when they have problems related to the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) through representation and grievance procedures, the latter of which may include binding arbitration.

 The CBA includes a “union security” clause (3.200) that obliges faculty in the bargaining unit with appointments of 0.5 FTE or greater for two consecutive semesters to be a Member of the UFA or an Agency (or Representation) Fee Payer.  UFA Member dues are one percent of a faculty member’s academic year salary, and Agency Fee Payer Dues are approximately 0.80 percent of a faculty member’s academic year salary.

 The current contract began July 1, 2013, and expires in June 2017. The CBA can be found on this website under Important Documents, or through the Provost’s website.

 The UFA office is in the basement of University Hall (UH 002), our phone number is ext. 6592, e-mail is ufapresident@mso.umt.edu. The office schedule varies each semester and is posted on this site under Contact Us and on the office door.