Requests for Campus Building Records

Requests for Campus Building Records:


Because of the overlapping nature and complexity of the various government entities that govern asbestos in public buildings, Facilities would like to respond to records requests on a case by case basis.

Requests for access to the University’s asbestos records can be made directly to Chris Newlon, [Maintenance Supervisor, 243-5200 (office), 207-1126 (cell),<> ] or Brad Evanger, [Facilities Analyst, 243-4180 (office) 544-0534 (cell),<> ].

Requests for access to records will be acknowledged by email within 2 business days, and appointments for access will be scheduled in consultation with the requestor.  All records are currently being relocated to a centralized location to facilitate access.  Facilities intends to publish all available records online at a future date, as the process of organizing and scanning all records will take considerable time.