New to the University of Montana? Welcome!

Dear Colleague,

On behalf of the University Faculty Association (UFA), allow me to join in welcoming you to the faculty of the University of Montana. For more than thirty years, the UFA has represented UM faculty in collective bargaining. We negotiate with the Board of Regents of the Montana University System in the traditional areas of compensation and conditions of employment. Additionally, we bargain (and subsequently enforce) key issues that affect your rights, duties, and protections as faculty members. The faculty at UM have a strong collective bargaining agreement which is available electronically on the UFA and Provost websites. We encourage you to join the UFA as the active involvement of as many faculty members as possible helps us represent our diverse interests in all official dealings with the administration. By joining, you help us protect, strengthen, and enhance the conditions that are necessary for successful academic careers.

To join the UFA and enjoy all the services and benefits of membership, please review and complete the UFA/MFPE membership form (MFPE is our state affiliate) and return the completed form to the UFA.

The UFA is governed by an executive board that is elected from faculty members each spring. We invite you to participate in the election and in other activities of the UFA. The collective bargaining agreement invites faculty members in the bargaining unit who hold an appointment of 0.5 FTE or above for two or more consecutive semesters, to choose to become a UFA member.

The UFA provides a number of services to our members, including membership benefits from our statewide affiliate MFPE and national affiliate NEA. Our student complaint officer and our grievance officer provide two of the most important.  If you encounter problems or have questions with a student or group of students, please feel more than welcome to contact Daisy Rooks (x2852).  If you encounter problems or have questions with university administration, please feel more than welcome to contact Alex Bulmahn (x2076).  We also interact with the Board of Regents and take an active interest in legislative matters that affect the University of Montana.

One of our responsibilities to faculty is to do our best to keep you informed about important developments on and off campus that have bearing on our work environment. The primary means by which the UFA Executive Board communicates with the faculty are via e-mails sent to our member list-serv, the UFA website (  Additionally, each department or program should have a union representative that can assist you with questions or concerns you might have about the union. We also hope that you will keep us informed about important work place dynamics.  The UFA schedules several general meetings of the membership during the academic year. We urge you to attend.

The UFA has an office on campus which is staffed by our Executive Assistant Sara Lipscomb ( – Rm. 002 in the basement of University Hall. You are welcome to drop by the office for information or just to get acquainted. Our phone number is x6592 and/or you can email me at anytime.

Again, welcome to the University of Montana. I extend my best wishes for a personally and professionally satisfying career and I look forward to meeting you in the near future.


Paul Haber

UFA President & Professor of Political Science, The University of Montana