Key Documents

Several critical documents underpin the work of the UFA and govern the faculty at the University of Montana.

Documents Governing Faculty

  • Collective Bargaining Agreement. This agreement between the UFA and the entire Montana University System governs how faculty are hired, their rights while employed and issues ranging from sick leave to pay. The CBA covers all tenured and tenure-track appointments.
  • Non-Tenurable Academic Appointments. Those instructors and faculty not governed by the CBA are covered by a set of policies put forward by the University of Montana.

University Faculty Association Documents

UFA Conflict of Interest Statement


With regard to my position as board member of UFA, I have the following potential conflicts of interest to report:

Affiliated to competing organization or union?

Affiliated to any vendor, supplier, or any other party providing or bidding for services, having a direct or indirect interest in any business transactions(s), agreement, or investment with UFA?

Have any business dealings or transactions with a vendor, supplier or any other party which could result in benefit to me?

Affiliated with or related to any staff of UFA?

Have any interest in or affiliation with any person(s) with an interest in any pending legal proceedings involving UFA?


By my signature below, I hereby certify that I have provided the information provided above and in all attachments is accurate and complete; (ii) to the best of my knowledge, except as may be indicated by such information, I am now in full compliance with the Conflict of Interest directives laid out in this document; and (iii) if any of the information which I have provided changes, I will promptly inform UFA.

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          Conflict of Interest and Ethical Conduct

1.      Members of the board of directors shall conduct themselves in an ethical manner.

2.      Members shall:

a.      Have no financial, business, personal, or professional interests that directly or indirectly conflict with the proper discharge of board duties.

b.     Comply with the UFA constitution and policies,

c.      Exercise fiduciary responsibilities over UFA revenues, and

d.    Maintain complete confidentiality of confidential matters and information