2018-2019 Rep Council Members

Page under revision. If your department is not represented here, we encourage you to contact us for your seat at the table.

Department Email
Accounting and Finance Tony Crawford tony.crawford@business.umt.edu
Anthropology Tully Thibeau tully.thibeau@umontana.edu
Art Matt Hamon matthew.hamon@umontana.edu
Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Mark Perhouse mark.pershouse@umontana.edu
Chemistry Nigel Priestley nigel.priestley@umontana.edu
Communicative Sciences and Disorders Amy Glaspey amy.glaspey@umontana.edu
Communication Studies Steven Schwarze steven.schwarze@umontana.edu
Computer Science
Counselor Education Veronica Johnson Veronica.Johnson@mso.umt.edu
Economics Jeff Bookwalter jeff.bookwalter@mso.umt.edu
Ecosystems and Conservation Science Bill Borrie bill.borrie@umontana.edu
Education Leadership
English Robert Baker robert.baker@mso.umt.edu
Environmental Studies Phil Condon phil.condon@mso.umt.edu
Forest Management
Geography Dave Shively david.shively@umontana.edu
Geosciences Marc Hendrix  marc.hendrix@umontana.edu
Health and Human Performance John Quindry John.Quindry@mso.umt.edu
History Jody Pavilack jody.pavilack@mso.umt.edu
Journalism Jermy Lurgio jeremy.lurgio@umontana.edu
Global Humanties and Religion Nat Levtow nathaniel.levtow@umontana.edu
Library Erin Baucom erin.baucom@mso.umt.edu
Management and Marketing
Management Information Systems
Media Arts
Modern/Classical Languages and Literature Liz Ametsbichler liz.ametsbichler@umontana.edu
Music James Randall james.randall@umontana.edu
Native American Studies Neyooxet Greymorning neyooxet.greymorning@mso.umt.edu
Pharmacy Practice
Philosophy Ari Duwell armond.duwell@umontana.edu
Physical Therapy James Laskin james.laskin@umontana.edu
Physics and Astronomy
Political Science Paul Haber paul.haber@umontana.edu
Public and Community Health
Psychology Bryan Cochran Bryan.Cochran@mso.umt.edu
Social Work
Sociology Daisy Rooks daisy.rooks@mso.umt.edu
Theatre and Dance
Teaching and Learning
Practice and Performance